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Susie's Helper: From my Instagram post on the subject: Four kids, not so hard. Newborn, however, hard. Arthur wants to be held all day, which is fine and dandy for taking naps and getting baby snuggles in, but not so much for cleaning house or making dinner that involves knives. So I started having a babysitter after school once a week and sometimes she does nothing but hold Arthur, while I do newborn-unfriendly things like shoe shopping. And baking. And cleaning the kitchen floor. It's amazing.

Today I made a double batch of chocolate chip muffins (which didn't rise...), a double batch of pretzels, which we had for dinner, picked up seeds for preschool at the hardware store, dropped off goodwill donations, put away three loads of laundry and made my bed, including putting the duvet back together. I also wanted to do my budget, and I REALLY wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and paint my toenails, but I can only do so much in 2 hours.


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