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Maggie's 9th Birthday: Maggie's 9th birthday was pretty low key. She requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and Cafe Rio for dinner. I told her I wasn't making her a cake since she was at a friend's birthday party that afternoon, and I have to make a cake for her party next week. But I surprised her with TNT Minecraft cupcakes, and the neighbors came over. She was surprised, which was fun!

She got some Minecraft figures for her cake, some My Little Pony toys, and tickets to an Anaheim Ducks game with Dalton and Dad.

At 9, Maggie like Minecraft, My Little Pony, reading (she is on the last Harry Potter book), entertaining her baby brother, running around the room talking to herself, playing with the neighbors, chicken flautas, and playing on her Kindle Fire.

She does not like practicing piano, doing chores (except taking out the garbage and recycling cans), talking nicely to her brother,and eating fruits and vegetables.

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