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Coronation Day: Today John was called as second counselor in our new bishopric. We did not see this coming. We knew we were getting a new bishop today, and even guessed (correctly) who it would be. And sure, we were suspicious about the Stake President wanting to meet with both of us the day before a new bishop was called. But we still managed to be surprised when the words left his mouth.

So, two things. First, John is so sad to leave his calling as Gospel Doctrine teacher. Most of the ward is also sad about this. He is an amazing teacher and really enjoyed putting his lessons together. Tough act to follow.

Second, he is going to do great at his new calling as well. He is really excited to learn something new and serve in new ways in the Church. We're barely getting oriented - what other kind of major life changes do you only get a few hours' notice for? - but he is ready to dig in.

The new bishop, the other counselor, and our former bishop (now a member of the Stake Presidency) came over this afternoon to ordain John as a High Priest and set him apart. The Bishop said he had a feeling he would be called to be Bishop and as soon as he was called, he thought of a focus on loving individuals. And then John's name came to his mind as a counselor. We've joked before about assignments and callings that seemed more practical or neopotistic than revelatory, but there's no doubt to me that this call was given by revelation. It's not a case of this guy calling his friends - we barely know him, me even more than John (they have a son Sienna's age whom I worked with in nursery (and also sons Maggie and Arthur's ages)). And there are dozens of other worthy men in the ward that could fulfill the calling. But John can definitely do a great job at loving individually. He's shown that in his Sunday School lessons.

Anyway, an interesting life twist and a new adventure. We're excited. I received many condolences at church today, some of which annoyed me. I definitely need, and have already arranged for, help during Sacrament Meeting. Sienna can be ridiculous, and I generally have to feed Arthur then so I can take care of my family history calling 2nd hour. But I'm not super worried about getting the kids ready for church on my own, or about him being gone one night a week. In fact, I think that will make him work less! haha.


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