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Arthur Zero Point Five: Arthur is officially six months old and officially crawling. He's still pretty pokey, but he gets faster every day. Sweet boy sleep around 10 hours at night, still hit or miss with the naps, but he's a better napper than Sienna was. He just has to cry about it first.

Doctor stats: 16lb 15oz (37%), 26 3/4" (53%).

I haven't given him baby food or anything. He's had bits of bread, pancakes, banana, cheese, and tastes of sauces, soups, applesauce, or whatever. Basically whatever. Today we broke Cheerios in half and fed them to him while we ate dinner. He loved it and it provides dinner time entertainment for the kids.

Bubbling Tar: Five months ago, a ward member and I stumbled upon the topic of free museum days in LA and planned to go together. We finally went up today, to the free first Tuesday at La Brea Tar Pits. I had Sienna and Arthur and her girls are 5 and 2. We had a casual experience, wandered around the museum, picnicked on the grass, admired the bubbling asphalt. I actually wish we'd watched the bubbling more. Oh well. The girls enjoyed climbing on the sloth statues, and running around the amphitheater. We got a free parking spot on the street, so the whole venture was free other than gas. The only downside was that it was really far - 90 minutes - so we spent more time in the car than at the museum. But Sienna and the 5 year old had a great time in the backseat, my friend and I had fun chatting up front, and Arthur got two 90 minute naps.

: The first day of summer break, we met our neighbors at the lake and fed the ducks. I overheard Maggie say to her friend "look at that bump! I'm getting stronger from throwing!" (Her duck food throwing bicep hahaha)


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