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Neighborhood Pool Dance: I've written before about the choreography of neighborhood helpfulness (which is still going on - I went to Costco for three today). Now that my kids are on swim team, we're having the same dance at the pool. The other parents are in and out, dropping off kids. I'm mostly the only one staying the whole time, unless I leave early and get Maggie a ride home, so maybe I'm the only one who sees this. There are about 14 kids from our ward on the team.

I arrive at the pool. I let in one kid who's been dropped off, and a parent dropping off two more. (Stupid pool keys were added this year). One kid is already waiting inside without parent. I sunscreen my kids and an extra. Maggie gets dropped off by the piano teacher (also in the ward), and brings in a swimsuit for a kid who's not here yet. Other kid gets dropped off. Another parent arrives with two more kids. Mom who dropped off two comes back with baby, and an extra swim diaper for me. Snacks are shared. Toys are shared. Everyone has fun.

Waffles: Our waffle iron died after nearly 14 years. We eat a lot of waffles, so I'm surprised it lasted this long. I got a similar waffle maker for $30, but this one makes FOUR instead of two waffles. And now I don't have to spend all of dinner making more waffles. Yay!

Splash: All four of our kids went swimming today. Maggie and Dalton had a swim meet in the morning. They got some time improvements and Dalton even won his heat. He got disqualified (still learning the strokes!) but was so fast. Sienna also got to do the little kid race. She was the fastest and the hosting team gave all the little kids medals, and a bag with lollipops and stickers. So fun!

We went to dinner at Tender Greens and the kids ran around on the fake grass after. Sienna went to go see her "friend ocean", the fountain. Dalton and I were taking selfies and silly videos when Maggie calls me over because Arthur has fallen into the fountain. It sort of seems like that was inevitable. He was drenched - I wrung water out of his sneakers! And a spectator kindly gave us a dry diaper to put on him.

Meanwhile, Dalton has continued to take videos on my phone, so we managed to capture the moment.

Poisonous Wolf Pee: Dalton came into our room at 2:30 this morning. Talking loudly.

I had a dream that Skyler and I were playing outside and we saw one of those bunnies that bites and pees poisonous wolfblood.


He didn't say "wolfblood", it was some made up word. But we couldn't remember exactly in the daylight.

I told him that rabbits don't bite and took him back to bed. "But what about other animals that pee poisonous wolfblood?"

There's no such thing! Animals pee pee. There's no poisonous animals around here anyway. Etc.

By this point, he's woken up Arthur who was then awake for an hour and a half.

I texted John when Dalton won his 25 Fly heat at his swim meet later that morning. He responded: Way to go! Must be the poison wolf pee.

Update: Some time later, Dalton told me it was like "the place we were going to stay with the water slides." Great Wolf Lodge. He was saying "wolfslodge".


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