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Pajama Day: Today was pajama day at school for red ribbon week. I thought it was fun that the kids thought nothing of ever actually getting dressed and had dinner and piano lessons in their pajamas. Dalton got out clean pajamas to change into after showering, but showed up wet in the same PJs. I told him to go put on the clean ones and he never did. He couldn’t find them. They were in the dirty laundry basket.

He also got himself his own bowl of ice cream for dessert. Arthur got out a spoon, climbed up on the chair behind him and started poking his spoon in. His giant plastic serving spoon. Also, Arthur didn’t actually want any ice cream because he doesn’t eat food.

However, I only let him have one squeezey this afternoon and he eventually ate a yogurt tube, and then had four chicken nuggets and tasted a tater tot at dinner time. Unbelievable.

Also, unbelievably hot. We get random hot days in October from the Santa Ana winds every year, but this year was ridiculous. Car said 109° today. Melting.

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