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Ladies Who Lunch: Maggie is trying to get Dalton to play with her outside but he’s still in his pajamas. Didn’t get dressed when I asked him to and now Arthur is asleepin his room.

“Who’s outside at this time of day? They’re either at work or at some fancy restaurant.“

Bubbles: This morning while I was cleaning, Arthur got out the bubble bath and pour the rest of the container into the bathtub. I mean, at least he poured it into the bathtub. I closed the drain and then tonight, gave the kids the bubbliest bubble bath ever. I had to give them a shower after to rinse all the bubbles off and actually wash them.

Rainday : This morning was wet and a little sprinkly. Arthur first woke up at 5:20 - Daylight Savings Time has ended. We went for a walk to the hot tub. The long way because the first pool we went to was closed. The kids watched Christmas shows and played iPad most of the day. Arthur took a nice early nap, and we went early to church so I could join the choir in practicing Christmas music, which was really fun.

I taught a Sunday school lesson on family history today. I read the New Era story my mom wrote about her dad’s contact lenses. And I took the actual contact lenses to show everyone. We talked about different ways we can do family history and temple work just a bit in our lives to get the Spirit of Elijah.

After church John made pulled pork sandwiches and roasted veggies. We went for a walk. Made Arthur stay up until nearly 7. He was losing it, but I think he was really hungry because he didn’t eat dinner. I’ve been giving him fewer squeezes and offering him more real food, but I think he’s just eating less. Maybe drinking more milk. I guess I’m saving money. :/

Arthur Has Weird Ideas: Q: What is more difficult than buckling a toddler who doesn't want to be buckled?

A: Buckling a toddler who thinks he is being tickled.

Wah, Truck, Wah: Between daylight savings and Arthur not eating food, he has been really grumpy today. I took him for a walk along the busy street to see lots of trucks go by. He started grumping as soon as we got back home.

Stuff Sienna’s Been Playing With: Sienna likes to play with random stuff. And by “random stuff” I mean “trash”.

Envelope for a card I tried to mail. I had to get a new one.
Garbage pick up bill for our house in Utah.
Halloween card from grandma and grandpa.
Thank you card from a birthday party she went to. This is her “computer” (laptop).
Cardboard boxes. She begs to keep every one that enters our house.

Wake Up, Fire Truck: If Arthur wakes up happy, he is usually jabbering and telling all sorts of stories when o go get him. For a long time he would tell me about the beach, and anemones, and how they eat you. The other day we saw a fire truck bring paramedics to tend to a girl who had fallen at the park and got an owie (she was fine). Now he says fire truck! And owie doctor!

: Older lady from Wales latched onto John on his tour of Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

Lady: I’m on a whirlwind ski tour.
John: Skiing in Hong Kong?
Lady: Oh it’s an expression. I’m spending my kids’ inheritance.
John: Oh so am I!


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