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Santa Gifts: Maggie had a long list of inexpensive things she asked Santa for. He brought her a foam Minecraft diamond sword and pick axe.

Dalton also had an impressive list, which Santa mostly ignored and bought him CPK gift cards, which he loved.

Sienna asked for a Hatchimal and a (real, pet) horse. Santa came through with the hatchimal - a big one that talks and walks, which is what she really wanted.

Arthur only had a vague idea of what was going on, but was very pleased with a Green Toys dump truck, and has been giving the new Beanie Boos rides around in it.

Most of the gifts from mom and dad were things like clothes and sticker books. The kids also bought each other thoughtful gifts. They picked out Beanie Boos for each other, Sienna wanted to get Maggie and Dalton LEGO Ninjago mystery mini figures, etc.

I am ridiculously pleased at the lack of “stuff” we ended up with.

We also had really minimal stockings this year - mostly candy. I think we didn’t put a lot of effort into it because Leonard wasn’t with us. But no one complained about candy!


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