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31 Days of Less Stuff: My neighbor and I decided to do 12 30-day challenges this year. Then it turned into a year long decluttering challenge and the 30-day challenges. And then the decluttering turned into deep-cleaning. So it's more work than I bargained for, but amazing.

The challenge for January was a spending freeze. John and I decided on eating out once or twice, $200 on groceries, and $100 on John's groceries. And not buying anything else. I think we spent about $1200 on groceries in December, so this alone is a huge savings.

The final totals:
$199 on groceries
No eating out, except free meals at chick fil a from receipt day
No spending during 9 Disneyland visits
No amazon orders

The kids' post-freeze requests: Dalton wanted chips, and orangsicle yogurt. Maggie wanted lunchables. John wanted orange juice. I wanted ice cream.

Meal planning is key to a challenge like this. I have plenty of food on hand, even at the end of the month, there was still lots of food. I mostly spent the budget on dairy, produce, and baby food. Unfortunately, I didn't shop much less. I had about 20 purchases made, including neighbors picking up stuff for me. So that was kind of annoying. I'd like to shop less frequently.

This month's decluttering area was the kitchen. I am doing double speed, since we are hoping to move this summer, so I did the dining room as well. This included cleaning out the fridge and pantry (worked well with the spending freeze), scrubbing the floor, going through the piano books, rearranging the cupboards, throwing out a lot of food, and getting rid of some items so I can now enjoy white space in my drawers and cupboards.

Next up: decluttering office and crafts, and EXERCISING.


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