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The Weekend: Friday night John and Dalton biked to Walgreens to pick out some treats. Then we had a family movie night, watching the last Indiana Jones movie (watched all four over the past couple weeks.)

We had a bit of a lazy Saturday. Sometimes it's nice not to go to Disneyland. The kids did chores. John worked. Everyone played outside for hours. The kids and the neighbors put on a fancy Valentines show for us. Then, John and I went on a date!

About once a pass year, we go on a Disney date and this Saturday was the night. First, we used a parent swap for Indiana jones I got when my cousin David and his family were visiting this week. We had reservations at Cafe Orleans so John could get a Monte Christo. We walked around, it was pretty crowded and the parade was about to start. We checked out the stores, walked to the front on the backstage. Then we used fast passes to Big Thunder. We got to see some of the parade on our way out.


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