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[No comments] $1.31: Today was $1.31 cone day at baskin Robbins so i took the kids while John was at Priesthood session. Their credit card machine was down, and they were operating cash only. Amazingly, i actually had cash. While we were outside eating our cones, a father and son came biking up, went inside, and came back out, clearly looking for a credit card friendly alternative. So I offered them money. The dad tried to refuse, and would only take enough to get his son a cone, but was very grateful.

Five minutes later, Sienna accidentally throw her cone at the dad, and he caught it. Luckily there was no ice cream on the cone because she was tired of it and shook it off into the trash so she could eat the cone. My kids are weird.

*I can brag about this because it’s my blog and no one reads it. Maggie commented that it was a nice thing I did, so I’m glad she noticed my kind example.

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