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Forget-Me-Not: Today I felt seen. Last night, Arthur took nearly two hours to fall asleep, and when I left the room, John suggested I plan a getaway with one of my girlfriends. This morning he offered to watch the kids while I cooked Easter dinner, and then he went for a bike ride while streaming conference. He also bought me some Easter lilies, helped clean up after dinner, and even started the dishwasher while I was putting Arthur to bed (thankfully took closer to an hour this time). And when he went to take a bath in the evening, he checked with me to see if I needed help with anything first. Hit was very sweet and thoughtful, and I felt noticed.

Chinese Easter: At 7:30 am, the Monday after Easter, the elders serving in our ward texted me and asked if I had any extra Easter eggs because they wanted to do an Easter egg hunt for the Chinese-speaking missionaries serving in our stake. I was headed to Walmart, so I picked up some clearance Easter candy, and enlisted kids to fill the roughly 400 eggs I had. Then we hid them at the park with the help of some sister missionaries. We had a great time playing at the park with the missionaries. We played catch and duck duck goose, and had an exciting egg hunt. Then we collected all the eggs. The kids had a great experience doing that for the missionaries.

NYC Pizza: John: New York has all the best food.

Sienna: You mean like cheesy noodles, and pizza?!?

So Cute Right There: Two cute things Arthur says lately.

Oh right dere!
It’s so cute!

If I’m lucky, I will get a video before he outgrows it.

John’s New Car has XM Radio:
Sienna: I wish we still had that kitty. Jellybean. (She has a photo of jellybean, she’s obsessed with.)
Me: Jellybean died a long time ago.
Sienna: Did she die in the 80s?

New Friends, Fast: I got assigned to visit teach a new woman in the ward, about 15 minutes before visiting teaching was "retired", and five days before she had a baby. I met her once, at park day a few weeks before. After the baby was born, I offered to take her three year old to park day, and I was surprised that she said yes, mostly because sometimes people don't let you serve.

But also because I only met her once, and her kid doesn't know me at all, and really, neither does she. But this says a lot about our church and its members - that I can take an unknown three year old for two hours, based solely on my Mormon niceties.

Also, thanks for letting me serve.

We Need Its Energy: Sienna’s favorite planet is the sun, because without it, we wouldn’t have iPads.

Corndogs: Maggie eats a corn dog every morning for breakfast.

15 Hours: Apparently 15 hours straight is my limit on Arthur for the day. What does he have against sleep? He’s been up since 5:30 am. And so have I, for that matter.


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