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Daddy’s Boy: John got home from a trip just as Arthur was falling asleep. I tried to wake him to say hi to dad, but no luck. John came in and shook him awake. Arthur opened his eyes, saw John, closed his eyes again and then a slow smile spread over his face, as he immediately fell back asleep. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Fine Dining: John and I went to the Carthay circle restaurant at California adventure for the first time last night. When the waiter found out we were passholders, he asked why we hadn’t been in before.
Me:... We have four kids.

Also, we went on guardians of the galaxy and it was terrifying.

Must Watch Toddler TV: There’s a Daniel Tiger episode about not interrupting mom when she’s resting.

One Summer Goal Checked: I was cleaning the garage when I heard Sienna yell “mom, I’m doing it!” from the driveway. Apparently she got out her bike and decided to ride it. Just like that.


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