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A Night to Remember: We had a super fun girls night at Disneyland last night. I drove five friends, and we went on lots of big rides and had a blast. We first did Guardians of the Galaxy, Monsters After Dark for the Halloween theme. We unknowingly sat with the three fun people in one row, and the three terrified people in another. We also did Soarin', then went to Disneyland where we got ice cream and went on Indiana Jones. Then we decided to do Splash Mountain.

I was in the front, and someone's phone got handed up to me to take a selfie. Then the log bumped and I DROPPED IT! I was so horrified, but the girl behind me was laughing so hard she couldn't even get out the words to tell us that she CAUGHT IT. I couldn't believe it. And then I got drenched. Completely drenched with a wave of water pouring on my head from the front of the boat. I got hit by another huge wave on the big drop. Fun times.

After that we did single rider on Space Mountain (Ghost Galaxy) and headed home well after 11. It was closer to 12:30 by the time I dropped everyone off and got in bed, but it was so worth it. Lots of fun memories made.


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