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[No comments] Like a Bridge: I bought the Trolls soundtrack, and the kids are obsessed with the version of The Sound of Silence that has creepy monsters in the background (“hello!”). Anyway, it got me wanting to hear the real thing so I bought a Simon and Garfunkel album. Then I became obsessed with Bridge Over Troubled Water. Such a great song about always being there for your friend, and you can hear the passion and determination in his voice as he sings.

I was reminded of a story my mom told of when she would ride the bus out in the country and the bus driver would stop to go to the bathroom in the middle of nowhere and the kids would hang out of the bus windows and sing the song to him. Then I looked up the release date and it was in 1970, the year mom turned 18 (and graduated high school?). It seems unlikely she was a high schooler doing this, plus I didn’t think the Northern California area where she finished high school was so rural. Further research reveals the song was released in January of that year, so it is possible. Mom, why did you exaggerate so much that I have to find proof that your stories are true?

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