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Disney Cruise: For my birthday/mother's day/15th anniversary, we went on a four-night Disney Cruise to Cabo. It was so fun! The whole family loved it. The kids loved the kids club, Arthur loved the characters, we had fun at the pools and enjoyed the shows and the food and the peace and quiet. In Cabo, John took Maggie, Sienna and Arthur to the beach, and Dalton and I went on a zipline adventure. We ziplined upside down, tandem, rock climbed, and scooted across the river on a cable. It was very exciting.

The cruise was also Halloween themed which added a whole other level of fun. We dressed as Peter Pan characters this year. John was Peter Pan, Sienna was Tinkerbell, Maggie was Tiger Lily, and Arthur, Dalton and I were Michael, John and Wendy. Arthur as Michael was the cutest thing ever. I heard a lot of "awww"s about our family costumes as we walked by and more than one turned into double "AWW!" when they saw little Arthur toddling in a pink sleeper with his teddy.

Arthur refused to eat anything but french fries, but was otherwise pretty good. He slept well at night, and crashed randomly a few times. At the Halloween party, he was dancing with Dale one minute, and asleep on me the next.

Also a funny moment: Our rooms were across from each other, so we popped back and forth a lot, especially to use the other bathroom. When I was getting Arthur ready for bed, I found myself chasing naked Arthur in the hallway while wearing my Wendy costume and a neighbor said, "Only on a Disney Cruise."

John booked us another cruise for next Christmas, so more adventure to come.


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