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[No comments] Trick and Switch: Fun Halloween evening started with walking a couple neighborhoods over to where some church friends were doing a haunted house in their garage. I took Arthur through the lights-on, less scary version ("Hi, it's me, Emily!" says the creepy masked being) and it was really fun. Then we got to go into the "Friends only" trick or treating in their house with full sized candy bars, donuts, and they even had chili, corn bread, apples and dip for the kids in the haunted house and everyone. (We did not steal their dinner). The kids all loved it. I love fun, generous people like that.

We meandered our way through the next neighborhood trick or treating as usual. The kids got tons of candy and sorted it out for the Switch Witch when we got home. Sienna woke up crying at 11:30 pm because her candy was gone but there wasn't a toy in its place. The toy was outside her door, and assured of that, she went back to sleep. She got a baby fingerling, that also included two surprise baby fingerlings (surprise to the switch witch who bought it on clearance and wants to go back and buy more.) Maggie got the latest Wimpy Kid book ("I didn't know this was out yet!"). Arthur got a Thomas train mini mystery ($1.49, score) and Dalton got the board game Qwuirkle, which I can't wait to play with him. The Switch Witch needs to be more on the ball next year.

The Switch Witch candy was gone from the EY break room by 9:30.

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