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Flip: We have many good Reasons for staying in our little house, so it’s been a long time since I wished we had more space. But apparently flipping water bottles is a thing, and it’s a thing Dalton has gotten into and no matter where he goes I can hear the *thud* of a water bottle landing over and over.

Things That Go: During Maggie and Dalton’s theater class on Thursday afternoon, I took Sienna and Arthur shopping. On the way back to the theater, we pulled over in rush hour traffic to let a fire truck through. I was impressed at how the packed traffic of people trying to get somewhere managed to make room so quickly. When we got to the theater, we sat on a grassy spot in the parking lot. It was dark because daylight savings ended, windy because Santa Anas, and airplanes taking off instead of landing in that direction, probably also because of the wind. The kids loved it.


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