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Time Change: Last week I, and 61% of other California voters, gave permission to the legislature to make daylight saving time permanent, as soon as they can get federal permission. It’s been 10 days since day light saving time ended and my kids were all awake by 7:15 today. My friend summed it up nicely yesterday: “She used to wake up at 7. Now she wakes up at 5.”

Veterans Day Tradition: Apparently, we went to breakfast at Stacks with our neighbors last time we had school off for Veterans Day. So we did it again yesterday. We also scootered down to the park to meet one of Arthur’s baby friends, and John bought new couches we’ve been decided on for the last couple days.

Phone Addict: Arthur, trying to get my phone away from Sienna: “I need to tell Tressa something!” In case we didn’t know how I always get my phone away from him!


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