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Fancy New Executive: For John's promotion, we went to Orlando for training meetings and fun. We went a little early and spent our first morning at Animal Kingdom, going on rides I didn't get to do last time because I was pregnant with Arthur. That evening, we ditched the dinner and went to Hollywood Studios for another roller coaster (yay), Tower of Terror (boo) and Fantasmic.

The next day, I went with the other spouses on a Wild Florida airboat ride on a lake where we saw interesting plants and lots of different birds. Then we explored the little wildlife zoo - lots of alligators. Did I mention it was 45 degrees? Aka freezing. The boat would have been a lot more fun if it had been a lot warmer.

That night, the company rented out Universal Studios (!). We hung out in Diagon Alley, escaped from Gringott's twice and drank a lot of butter beer. All the food was free. We had ice cream from Fortescue's, chili dogs, Korean beef tacos, Chinese food. That and more was just there for the taking, and I'm all about free food.

Which was the main awesome part of the whole trip. During the conference, there were meals served. And on the airplane! I didn't have to cook a thing, or feed anyone.

Speaking of not feeding people, we left the kids with a couple in the ward. They have a 1 year old and stayed at our house and I paid them and it was amazing. That was our main expense. Otherwise, we bought Disney tickets, dinner at Disney the one night, one Uber ride, and a Mickey ice cream bar.


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