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Freezing: It’s the last week of our annual spending freeze! Which we will not be doing in January next time. I went shopping for the penultimate time this morning, a Walmart trip that will be followed by bananas and a box of applesauce at Costco.

Meals I planned
Apple cheddar soup
White chicken chili (already have chicken and canned stuff)
Thai pasta salad
Meatball subs (already have meatballs)

We spent $29 at Walmart today. (Maggie is home sick, so I had her and Arthur with me)
1 gallon milk
Tub strawberry yogurt
8 orange creamsicle yogurts
Spaghetti sauce
Bow tie pasta
Giant bag of tortilla chips
French bread
French toasties
Ritz crackers (a treat since we are under budget)
Green onion
3 lb bag of apples
And we also bought cough medicine but I didn’t count it.

Our cupboards and freezer are looking nice and clean. We’ve used up all kinds of half empty containers and bags of stuff. It’s a great feeling! Next week I’ll spend $200 at Walmart and refill with stuff we’ll actually eat on a regular basis.


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