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: In the last 24 hours Arthur has voluntarily picked up and put in his mouth:

Bagel with cream cheese

Considering I don’t even offer him food anymore, that’s pretty impressive.

Potty Trained: My second goal for the summer (Sienna learning to ride her bike was the first) was the potty train Arthur, even though parents really don’t have much say in when a kid potty trains. Over the last two weeks though, he’s done it. Actually went in the potty for the first time, and really didn’t have many accidents, and now is obsessed with pooping in the potty so I’ll call that a good sign. If you wait until they’re ready, it’s not that hard at all.

Sea Glass: We haven’t done a lot of beach this summer, mostly because of swim team. Now that that’s over, we’re having an actual lazy summer of staying up late and playing outside and enjoying life. Dalton had a play date today, but I took the other kids to Crystal Cove where we spent over an hour doing the free crafts they had available today - making sea glass pendants, watercolors and origami.

Back in the Saddle: After over a year of being frightened of the ocean, Sienna has gotten over it. Last week at the beach, she was having tons of fun in the waves within gibson. This week, she hopped right in. We only spent ten minutes at the beach but she was loving it. Ironically, we were at Crystal Cove, which is where she was tossed by a wave last mother’s day, starting her fear. She remembered walking to the beach through the tunnel but didn’t mention her fear at all today. I’m glad she’s over it; the beach is fun.

That Kind of Family: Sienna: We’re that kind of family who takes hikes and scooter rides. We’re also that kind of family that likes candy.

Olaf: Sienna brought me a stack of red and black checkers.

I made an Olaf!
What’s an Olaf?
How is that an Olaf?
Like a black food thing I put on my fingers.
Oh, an olive.

I don’t get how that’s an olive either, but whatever.

A Day in SF: John and I went on our first ever overnight trip without kids. EY held a promotion dinner in San Francisco for new directors and partners. We flew up with no whiny kids, got ice cream with no whiny kids, had fancy dinner with no whiny kids, slept in with no whiny kids, had breakfast with no whiny kids, flew home tin no whiny kids, and had lunch with no whiny kids. The whiny kids did not complain: they think the babysitter is more fun than I. It was great.

: The kids had a movie night with the babysitter and watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Sienna, on Leia not dying: That’s Heavenly Father helping her.

Kinder Girl: Sienna started kindergarten yesterday like no big deal. She is perfectly happy to be there and basically knows the drill because of TK. She has church friends and TK friends in her class, and the other am class, so she sees them on the playground. Here’s to a great kinder year!

Easing to Bed: Since Arthur broke his crib last fall, and we got the boys bunk beds, he has been making us lie down with him to go to sleep, which sometimes takes two hours, which is why I stopped letting him nap. He also required two applesauce, leftover from when he started refusing to nurse and I was desperate to get calories in him. We’re trying to undo these habits. He’s been doing ok if i read him a story and only give him an applesauce if he “goes to sleep” which will get him to lie down at least. Then I leave and he usually falls asleep. Sometimes he comes out and it takes one more applesauce. We’ve also been putting him down later.

Needs Charging: Arthur, on the deflated orca pool floatie: it’s dead. It’s all out of batteries.

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