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Tummy Says: After Arthur threw up goldfish all over the kitchen floor:
Me: Next time, listen to your tummy when it says it’s all full.
Arthur: I didn’t hear it.

Dorn It: Two adorable Arthur-isms: Dorn it! Most often said while playing “games on the big TV” with his brother.
He says “not” instead of “want”. “Do you not the red cup or the blue cup?”

3 Spaceships: Yesterday John and I took Arthur on Space Mountain for the first time. He didn’t love it, but he does love Star Tours, and the new Millennium Falcon ride. We taught him how to say “Millennium Falcon” (adorable) and that Star Tours is not called “the spaceship ride with no buttons” (you push buttons on the new ride). He was so excited he got to go on three spaceship rides, and kept telling everyone all about them. He says Star Tours is his favorite ride, so I’ve been on it more in the last month than in the rest of my adult life. It doesn’t seem to make me as nauseated as it used to.

Marshmallows: Two funny, unrelated Sienna quotes about marshmallow roasting.

7/5/19 at the cabin
Sienna talking to herself about best way to roast marshmallows:
Oh well. Potato, po-tah-to. Or should I say, marshmallow, marshmallow roast.

Being nervous about going to Hero Camp:
It’s just that I’ve never been camping, and I’m still learning how to roast marshmallows, and I won’t remember my lines.

Homemade: 12/5/18
Dalton: We can just buy graham crackers and you can make frosting.
Me: I love that you say we can make frosting did you know you can buy it?
Dalton: By itself?
Me: Yes
Dalton: Wow

8/5/15: Some old quotes from breakfast at Stacks and a walk on the beach.

D: the walk board is more un dangerous.

Dalton: I had the best food I ever heard of.
Maggie: they taste like real crepes (after turning her nose up because they were folded instead of rolled.

Baby Boy Names: A list of baby boy names from whence came Arthur.

Topher Christopher


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