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[No comments] Double Birthday: Sometimes John has good ideas like “you should go on a girls trip with your friends” and “we should throw a party for both Sienna and Arthur at the park with a bounce house and invite all their friends.” So we did. The bounce house was actually pretty cheap - certainly cheaper than going to a play, and we could invite as many people as we wanted. So we invited all their friends, and all their siblings and ordered pizza and made two cakes.

Arthur wanted a Star Wars cake - he wanted a Star Tours ship on top of it. Lo and behold, apparently that’s a thing. I got an overpriced Starspeeder 1000 and a Millennium Falcon diecast on Amazon. Then I dyed chocolate frosting black, and drew white lines on the cake to make it look like lightspeed. He loves the new spaceship toys.

Sienna wanted Jasmine cake. We agreed on teal rose cupcakes and purple cupcakes with gold star sprinkles. Turned out super cute. I also made her a last minute Jasmine dress because she threatened to wear her pajamas to the park. And Tressa made her a cute Jasmine bow to match.

The party was just bounce house, park, pinata (bye bye Halloween candy), pizza, and cake. Perfect.

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