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[No comments] Sienna is Seven: Sienna turned seven this week. She likes TsumTsum, her favorite princess is Belle, her favorite ride at Disneyland is the Incredicoaster (which she’s been on twice), she suddenly insists she doesn’t like peanut butter. She’s as spunky as ever. She hates practicing piano and it’s like pulling teeth to get her to sit and do it. Speaking of putting teeth, she finally lost her two extra front shark teeth when Uncle Franco pulled them both out at the pool one night when they were visiting. First grade, however, is my favorite because I love watching my kids learn how to read. She is learning very fast now that she’s in first grade, reading sight words fluently, and picking through short books pretty well. She fights with pretty much everyone in the family, but she’s also sweet and thoughtful. She only wears dresses and gets annoyed if I talk her into pants for hiking, or being out when it’s cold. She is obsessed with the hatchimals and the pogo stick she got for her birthday.

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