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[No comments] A Day Together: I spent all day with Arthur today. I mean, I spend most days with him, but today I spent it with him. After dropping Sienna off at school, I took him to his swimming lesson. He did great, and had fun playing in the pool with his little friends for some time after. Then we came home and he did window stickers while I took a shower. Then we scootered over to park day where we stayed for almost two hours.

After the park, we sat down and at lunch together at the same time. Then we played a game of checkers (his pick) and tsum tsum (my pick). We each picked ten tsum tsum, and then we started singing songs for each of them. I was able to sing a song for nearly all of them. Then we watched Little April Shower on YouTube because he didn’t know that one. Then we watched Fantasia faeries because he loves Faeries from Mannheim steamroller, and I’ve been meaning to show him that. Then we watched Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey because, why not. Then we sat in the car until it was time to get Sienna because I was cold and it sounded warm at the time...

He is such a good buddy, and I’m already sad he’ll go to TK next year.

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