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[No comments] Arthur, Age 4: Arthur turned 4 this week! With a birthday the day before Thanksgiving, and a party 11 days earlier, it was pretty low key. The boy has become obsessed with Star Wars. He got some action figures for his birthday, and Star Wars lego sets, pajamas, stickers etc. He runs around with his Lego ships making Star Wars noises (whatever he thinks those are!). Arthur also likes tormenting his siblings, and watching TV on his head.

He is still pretty much the worst eater and prefers yogurt and applesauce to anything else. He will eat chicken, ham, grated cheese, various crackers, zbars, sourdough bread, and occasionally I can get him to eat an apple slice or a baby carrot.

We're working on him staying in his own bed at night. I wish I could say it's going better. This project mostly consists of me putting him back in bed whenever he comes to snuggle dad in the night.

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