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Christmas List of Very Real Reindeer: Me: Sienna what do you want for Christmas?

Sienna: Some of the kids in my class said Santa isn’t real, but I said obviously Blancer, Plancer, Dancer and Pancer are real. It’s a deer with horns. Of course it’s real.

Me: What.

Christmas Cheer: Last night we took the kids to Yogurtland and enjoyed the festive Christmas decorations. It was cold and the fake grass we like to sit on was still wet from the downpour the day before, but it was a fun little outing and the kids got out lots of energy.

Preschool Turn: For my latest preschool carpool day, I took the four boys to the Great Park. The new playground opened a couple weeks ago and is big and lots of fun. Also, the balloon ride is free again, so I took them on that. It was the fastest the two hours has ever gone by. I forgot that one of the kids is scared of every ride at Disneyland when I took them on the balloon and again when I sent him careening down the zip line. He survived.


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