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16 Years and 40 Inches: Today is our 16th anniversary. We celebrated by getting John a Flex annual pass and taking Arthur to Disneyland. He has recently passed 40 inches in height, which opens up 7 new rides at Disneyland. Today we went on Star Tours, Big Thunder (fast train! His fave) and the new Star Wars smuggler’s run ride. We waited an hour for the Star Wars ride, but he was so patient, and he had fun piloting the ship. We also tried the blue milk (delicious and expensive) and ate at the Mexican restaurant and had Salt and Straw for dessert. Then we went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant near our house. A great anniversary, and looking forward to the gift of another year of date nights.

Reading Chain: Every summer, we do a reading chain where the kids wrote the title of each book they read on a strip of paper and add it to the chain. Then I give them a prize every 25 chains. Some prizes we’ve done this summer include ice cream taco restaurant, everyone picking out a toy at Target, going to Circus Trix, Valentines clearance toys I had leftover from our flashlight egg hunt, $1 candies etc. they are about to finish #250. I have to come up with a prize for that, then our last prize will be milkshakes at Black Tap with dad next week.

Other prizes we’ve done previous years was a new Beanie Boo for everyone, McDonald’s dessert run, a big LEGO set to share, $1 icees at Burger King, nano block sets, craft sets (the Ooz Os was a HUGE hit) etc


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