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A P P L E: The progression of Arthur’s applesauce eating quirks.

When Arthur was barely one year old, he started demanding that we spell out the letters on his applesauce before he would eat them. APPLESAUCE. Then he started doing it himself. Then he started slurring it. APPLESCE. Then, after I bought some Gogo Squeez brand on sale (GOGO) he started differentiating with “APPLE bapplesauce.” Now he has started moving the applesauce in a circle in front of his face before eating it. He still calls it A P P L E bapplesauce.

After his last dentist appointment, we moved the bedtime applesauce to before brushing teeth, which he accepted pretty well. But he still wants us to lie with him at night, and he still wants one In our bed at 5:30 am.

Update: Apparently, moving the applesauce around in a circle is him drawing a circle around it. It seems that you get more points that way. Like if you draw a circle around a cat or dog you see to get bonus points.

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