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Too Cool: Mom I used to be a nice and friendly girl, but now I’m turning into a cool girl. Sometimes when you grow up that happens.

Sienna is definitely the coolest person in our family.

Fashion Sense: John, picking out birthday presents for Maggie with the other kids, asks Sienna’s opinion on some clothes.
Dad, I can’t help you with this. I do not understand Maggie’s fashion sense.

CORONAVIRUS: In the last 24 hours, Disneyland, Disney world, Disney CRUISE, got cancelled, our broadway tickets, all church meetings and activities, all city recreation programs (just when Maggie was enjoying volleyball), and everything else fun. Just work and school left. Except for preschool. Too fun. (Arthur’s preschool is through the city recreation program).

Captain’s Log, Day One: In an effort to keep the kids from freaking out over a pandemic, and killing each other over social distancing measures (oh look, school is also cancelled), John and I decided to plan something fun to do every day. Today we picked up pizza and See’s candy and had a picnic at the park. The kids ran around playing with each other nicely. They also played well at home. John started reading a chapter book with Sienna. Dalton and Arthur played Mario Party on the Wii together. Maggie did animation on her phone. John and I took two walks. One day down.

Day 2 of Social Distancing: We went to the hot tub this morning with the whole family. We thought we might get rained on, but the day kept getting nicer and nicer. John printed out some super Mario coloring pages and colored with Arthur. The boys had fun on the Wii; the girls had fun playing outside. John and I went for a three mile walk with the neighbors. Then we watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with popcorn.

Homeschoolers: First day off school. I made the kids a list of stuff to do including some learning activities, piano practice, chores etc. It took them about an hour to get it all done. Dalton and I baked cookies. We went on a family scooter ride at Mason Regional Park, during which it rained, even though I planned around the supposed weather. Then we goofed off the rest of the day.

Emergency Distance Learning: I am not cut out for homeschooling. I already knew that. The kids received their assignments today, through three different methods. Maggie was able to access and complete most of her stuff on her own. Dalton needed help logging into a few things. I had to sit and do Sienna’s with her. I’m sure if I’d printed it out I could have handed it to her to do, but I am not interested in printed full color pages for a 2 minute math worksheet.

John read with Sienna, they all did piano, and played in the garage (we moved the cars so they could have some space - we’re not supposed to play with friends anymore, and Sienna has a cough anyway. I finished a 750 piece puzzle. I need to get Arthur ping more activities tomorrow, he colored a little today, and played of course, but was otherwise on screens most of the day.

In other news, Leonard moved to the place they bought, John and the older kids met a pet dog candidate, and there was an earthquake in Utah.

The Beach is Open: Until it’s not. The entire state of California was put in lockdown yesterday. On essential things like food shopping, pharmacies, essential business, and “taking your kids outside” are allowed. So today I took the youngest three outside at the beach. The little two ran around and had a blast playing in puddles. Dalt and I gave each other exercise challenges. His were all thing like “throw the ball in the air and spin around and catch it.” It was great to get out, and let John work in peace and Maggie catch up on school work in peace. She has been sick and slept all day yesterday.

Weekend: What even is a weekend, when you can literally go nowhere? John wasn’t working, and there weren’t new school assignments at least. We went to the beach on Saturday, and it was much more crowded than when I went on Friday. It was fine at the beach, plenty of space, but people weren’t being distant on the sidewalks etc.

Sunday, I made pretzels, yogurt, and worked on my 1000 piece puzzle, and we got a dog.

Stay at Home:

Me: Maggie can we take your school water bottle out of the fridge?
Maggie: No, I need it.
Me: For school in five weeks?
Maggie: No, if we go somewhere, I need it cold.
Me: Well, we’re not going anywhere!

School cancellation has been extended through May 1. Fun times. I cleaned out the fridge for lunch, and had to run the dishwasher twice today. Feeding six people all day, every day, is no joke.


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