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[No comments] Plan C: Today we headed to the beach as soon as everyone woke up. Dog hours are only until 10, and it was supposed to be hot and crowded. When we got there, before 8:00, it was still foggy and some people thought it was too cold. Dalton latched onto a half-dig hole, and I was enjoying the beach, but we left after 20 minutes to do a paved trail in Laguna instead. Except after we drove there we realized all trails in Laguna are closed. So then we drove home. After that enormous time in the car, we changed and walked a bit of our trail, except further from our house. It was a nice walk with a tunnel and lots of trees.

Also today, we did the drive through farmers market at the Great Park. It took nearly an hour and we spent $125. We got oranges, strawberries, eggs, kettle corn, empanadas and chimichurri, tamales, dog treats, beef jerky, and hummus and pita. Yum!

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