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Cabin Daze: We spent nine nights at the cabin and did not get tired of it. We searched for hikes in American Fork canyon, and did one every day. We hiked 26 miles, over 20 with the kids, during that time, and saw gorgeous mountain views all over. We got caught in a thunderstorm and pouring rain the first day, huge hail the second day, and the third day we snuggled at home while it snowed. Then we enjoyed fresh snowy views the next few days. The kids played pool and Wii, ran around outdoors, we snuggled in hammocks and read and relaxed. Wally also, loved hiking. Utah mountains are beautiful in the spring and there was green everywhere. It was glorious.

Simplify: Me: I’m only bringing four outfits, packing more than one gray shirt is silly.
Me: wears gray shirt while traveling.
Me: wears the two gray shirts the entire time.

I’ve been wearing the same gray v-neck pocket tees nearly every day for a few years now. No regrets. Also, no one has noticed. Also, also, I see other people wearing them all the time, because they’re from Target.


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