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[No comments] Happy 40: The other day John said he didn’t think he could make it through this pandemic with anyone else. Because our friends are boring and don’t understand how antsy he feels not being able to travel.

Annoyingly, all the exciting plans we made for John’s 40th birthday this year were canceled, including a Disney Cruise, and a kid-free trip to London and Amsterdam. Instead, we had a quiet celebration. The night before, we got fancy Italian take out with our friends and ate it at the park. Then got ice cream and sat around taking for three hours. Today, John and I went for a hike. He had to work, but we had lunch as a family (shrimp scampi for him) and we ordered Inkas for dinner and lemon Bundt cake for dessert. We got him a hammock stand, a Take a Hike car sticker, and a box of See’s. I also spent some time cleaning up the patio, though I bought him the hammock stand before we knew for sure the kids weren’t going back to in-person school, and we need the patio for room to spread out.

Always with the Covid. Here’s to traveling again by 41.

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