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Sienna Seal: Sienna’s gymnastics coach told her she is super flexible because she can put her head on her feet in a seal stretch.

Sienna talks nonstop.

Movie Night: We’ve been having weekly movie nights with our neighbors for the last six months, watching everything from Clueless to Inception. We make treats and popcorn to share and enjoy a break from the kids. Tonight, our big kids planned their own movie might. They picked a movie together, made their own treats, planned to wear pajamas. It’s adorable.

The Mask House: Arthur doesn’t want to move to a new house. When John probed a little more to find out why, Arthur said, “I don’t want to wear a mask.” Obviously we had to wear masks when we took the kids to see the house.

Labor Day Weekend: Not much to do around here (the state of California...) but we made some fun weekend plans. It was super hot - luckily our Taste of Knott’s date was last weekend when we got a break from the heat.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons we had pool times, and we took change both days for the kids to dive for. They loved it. Then Monday we took them to Walgreens to spend their hard earned cash. Lots of treats, and a few squishmallows were purchased. I also realized it had been exactly 6 months since Maggie’s birthday party, which was the last time she had gone inside a store.

We also had pizza at the park, a biking dinner date for the grown ups and a big kids movie night where they planned and made their own treats. John took me on a hike, and also a bike and hike. And we ate a huge dinner and played games with our friends on Labor Day. So much fun, considering we’re not allowed to do anything!

Math Whiz: Eye Doctor: Can you read these numbers?

Arthur: Ninety five. Eight hundred and seventy three. Two thousand one hundred and fifty four.


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