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[No comments] We Moved: Covid finally drove us to do one thing we probably should have done years ago - we finally moved to a bigger house. We moved less than half a mile away to a house nearly twice as big. The older two kids get their own room, we have an office/exercise room, and just more space in general. The kitchen has smooth countertops. There’s an open stairway so Wally doesn’t feel trapped. The laundry is upstairs. There’s lots of storage space. There’s a driveway and we can park on the street. There’s a big patio and bbq in the back. We are slowly getting pictures hung, adding a few pieces of furniture and otherwise making it home.

There are a few complaints - the 5 button and the start for the lower oven don’t work. The stove igniter clicks randomly. The neighbors smoke and try to take our parking spot. But overall it’s been a great change.

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