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Our Teenager: Arthur calls Maggie “our teenager” or sometimes “my sister who is a teenager.”

A P P L E S A U C E: Arthur has officially learned how to open his own applesauce. Considering how many he eats, and how many I refuse to open for him, it’s surprising it took so long. He has one when he wakes up, in the car after school, before bed, and whenever else he can convince someone to open one for him. Still obsessed.

Christmas Spirit: This afternoon we went to the church to record some Christmas songs we are singing for the (virtual) ward Christmas program. On our way home, we stopped at a stoplight next to a car with a Christmas tree on top. The driver of the car waved excitedly when he saw John looking at him. We spent the rest of the way home trying to figure out if we knew them. We did not, but the whole whole the car is following behind us because they live on our street. Weird, funny coincidence.

12/12 Covid Baptism: Sienna was baptized this morning. In California purple tier, religious gatherings are allowed outdoors, so our options were the ocean, or the bishop’s hot tub. John, having baptized in the ocean previously, was not at all sad about the hot tub choice. We had our best friends there, and Sienna’s little neighbor friend and her mom, and the Bishop. That was it. The hot tub was a big in ground one, and the water went up to her chin. After the confirmation we had temple sugar cookies, and that’s it. No fancy talks or anything, but it was a memorable experience.

Francer: I was just reading some old Sienna blog posts to her and we saw this one about the Very Real Reindeer And remembered she and I just had an argument on the way to gymnastics on Monday about whether or not there was a reindeer named Francer.

A Lot: Arthur has been alive for approximately 158 million seconds. In case he asks.

Nativity: Last night, we got together with our (Covid bubble) friends and did a Nativity play. This isn't something we usually do, but it is their tradition and they invited us to participate. We brought lots of our India clothing for dressing up, and John's shepherd outfit from Israel. Arthur was a cute little shepherd with a stuffed llama, Dalton wore John's India outfit and was a king. Maggie was also a king, with my silk sari tied around her waist, and Sienna was Mary with a nice scarf over her hair. John played the piano and we sang lots of carols in between the narrative. The whole thing was lovely.

‘Scovering: Arthur and Sienna came in from playing in Grandma’s backyard without coats on. “We’ve been scovering. Sienna been scovering the ice, I been scovering the snow. I scovered a lot.”

Nune : I asked Sienna if she wanted a bath or a shower and she spelled “N U N E.”

Crash: The other day, Arthur fell in the car and whacked his face on the center console. There was a lot of blood. One of his teeth got pushed back, and he refused to close his mouth. He sat on the couch drooling for three hours until his emergency dental visit. The dentist numbed him up, pushed the tooth back in place, and Arthur went home super swollen. By the time we had his favorite beef stroganoff for dinner, he could sort of eat, and was starving from not eating all day. Once the swelling went down, the tooth mostly went the rest of the way back into place. He has a mysterious black eye now, several days later, I assume from that. Poor kid.


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