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Christmas Spirit: This afternoon we went to the church to record some Christmas songs we are singing for the (virtual) ward Christmas program. On our way home, we stopped at a stoplight next to a car with a Christmas tree on top. The driver of the car waved excitedly when he saw John looking at him. We spent the rest of the way home trying to figure out if we knew them. We did not, but the whole whole the car is following behind us because they live on our street. Weird, funny coincidence.

12/12 Covid Baptism: Sienna was baptized this morning. In California purple tier, religious gatherings are allowed outdoors, so our options were the ocean, or the bishop’s hot tub. John, having baptized in the ocean previously, was not at all sad about the hot tub choice. We had our best friends there, and Sienna’s little neighbor friend and her mom, and the Bishop. That was it. The hot tub was a big in ground one, and the water went up to her chin. After the confirmation we had temple sugar cookies, and that’s it. No fancy talks or anything, but it was a memorable experience.

Francer: I was just reading some old Sienna blog posts to her and we saw this one about the Very Real Reindeer And remembered she and I just had an argument on the way to gymnastics on Monday about whether or not there was a reindeer named Francer.


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