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Fit: For the last year or so, I’ve been attending a dance cardio class with some ladies from the other ward that meets in our building. Now that we’re all stuck at home, we’ve been doing Zoom classes. It’s been keeping me sane to get some exercise, and see people I know for a little bit.

Quarantine Haiku #1:
We chose SoCal for
Beach, parks, sun, pool, Disneyland
What’s even the point?

Applesauce Update: Arthur still loves applesauce. Now he traces the letters (a p p l e s a u c e) before eating and he likes to refill the applesauce with air by blowing into it when he’s halfway done.

Feeling Glad: That we got to take our trip to San Francisco to see The Cursed Child. That John got on Rise of the Resistance before Disneyland closed. And that we already taken our kids to New York City because that may never happen again.

Monday: It rained. I took the boys to chick fil a for lunch and we had a picnic in the parking lot.

Tuesday: John and I went for an evening walk on Laguna main beach, and picked up gelato to bring home for dessert.

Wednesday: I took the kids, neighbor i was babysitting, and dog to Irvine Park where we sat in my new inflatable hammock, climbed, trees, ran around, and enjoyed not being bothered by people enforcing rules.

Thursday: We spent an hour at Laguna beach with the younger three. Then we had dinner out with our friends, and fluffernutter blondies for dessert (made by John and Dalton).

Friday: I went for a nice morning hike with a friend.

Joshua Tree: Our impromptu trip out to Joshua Tree was pretty much the exact opposite of the carefully planned, kid-free vacation to London and Amsterdam that John and I were supposed to be on right now. We barely researched, the traffic sucked, kids threw up, we made a masked detour to Walmart for new clothes, and dinner was several hours late. But for a few hours, I forgot about coronavirus, and we enjoyed rocks, sunset, and stars, and fresh air.

We also went with our neighbors, which is not technically allowed, and we don’t even care.

Walrus Pup: Arthur: What’s Wally’s nickname
Me: Walrus
Arthur, two weeks later still: Hi Walrus!


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