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Taste of Freedom: Last night John and I went with some friends to the Taste of Knott’s food festival at Knott’s berry farm. It was a lot of fun, the food was mostly really good, and it was nice to hang out with our friends. But mostly it was nice to DO something. California is still almost completely shut down and for people who like to go places and do things, it’s been pretty boring. The festival was limited attendance, required a health screening, monitored social distancing in food lines, was out doors, and we had to wear masks unless we were sitting down eating. So it all felt safe. I hope we can find more things to do.

Power of Moments: My friend recommended a book called The Power of Moments. I devoured it and John is also reading it. The book explains how to create more memorable moments in your life. Chiefly relevant to us, and the children were raising, are moments of elevation, which can be made by adding sensory elements, or surprise, that sort of thing. We’re trying to plan more fun things for our kids since life is kind of boring right now. I tend to be the soul-sucking voice of reason, but luckily I’m married to a fun, creative, out of the box thinker.


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