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Things Must Be Looking Up: A couple days ago, I told someone to stop making me laugh so I could avoid bursting into tears. Yesterday I got on the wrong freeway, going in the wrong direction, and actually found it hilarious.

Cabin Floor: Arthur during our cabin stay last summer.

Dad to Arthur (who keeps getting off his bed to sleep on the floor: is the cabin floor comfy?
Arthur: Yes! It’s made of wood!

Mother’s Day of Rest: Yesterday John and I got our second vaccine shot, so we planned to be home and doing nothing for Mother’s Day. Luckily neither of us felt too bad, and ibuprofen definitely helped. John made donut French toast for breakfast, chicken and grilled veggies for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner. We binge-watched Wandavision with the older kids, while doing one of my new puzzles, and I sat around in my new fuzzy pajama pants all day. It was a lovely, lazy day.

Goodnight, My Someone: Dalton comes to say goodnight to both John and I every night before he goes to bed. It’s adorable. Somewhat less adorable at 1am last night when he asked me to snuggle him. But he got in my bed instead of making me get up and go downstairs, so win-win.

Bones: Today was the last of a lot of doctor visits I’ve had to make this month. Half a dozen of them were well visits, x rays, and then seeing an orthopedic, for both Maggie and Dalton.

Maggie’s x ray showed minor scoliosis, but the visible concern is postural. We will need to make physical therapy visits. And do yoga.

We noticed a while ago that all of Dalton’s fingers on one hand were the same length. The middle finger is now shorter than the other two. X ray confirmed that some of his metacarpals (hand bones) are growing more slowly. It’s nothing to worry about, and also can’t be fixed. It’s related to the same thing I have, with the short third joint on the thumb, but his hand bones are the ones affected. So eventually it will be even more obvious that he has a hand difference. But hopefully it won’t affect much and he doesn’t seem embarrassed about it.

Mayday: Arthur’s latest word is Mayday. He uses it often enough that sometimes it’s an accurate usage.

Cheetah Girl:
Sienna: I know you are, but what am I?
Arthur: A cheetah.
Sienna: Yeah!

Lightyears : Arthur: I think I’m only ten meteors faster than him.

I think he means meters, which is somewhat closer to being correct. Also, Arthur is pretty fast.

In Which Arthur Breaks His Arm: After school one day, I took Arthur to the playground to wait for Sienna to get out. He went flying off the monkey bars and landed on his left wrist. “I was there! I saw the whole thing” In fact, I was taking a video. He took him to the pediatrician later that afternoon, and then to get an x ray. Confirmed a buckle fracture in his radius, as well as a small fracture in the ulna. The next day, he got a waterproof cast put on for three weeks. I don’t know how much good the waterproof cast will do since he can barely swim as is and how he has a giant cast on his arm. But school is almost out and swim team will soon be upon us!

Arthur is handling it pretty well. Only complains of pain if he twists it, which he doesn’t do because he doesn’t move or us that arm. Which is kind of funny because he is left handed. But he went back to school once the cast was on, and has a good attitude about it. Now if only he’d sleep later, and in his own bed.

May is the Worst: Deleting piano, gym, tennis, and drawing class from my schedule. Feels good. May is always so full of end of the year events, it’s always such a relief when it’s done.

Sale: Anyone want a five year old who barely eats real food, plays video games all day, and wakes up at 5:30 even on the weekend? Comes with a broken arm.

More Waffles: Me: Arthur woke me up at 5:30 and I could t go back to sleep.

John: You always say that, but there are never waffles on the table.

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