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Back to Disney: After 14 1/2 months, we made it back to Disneyland! We had a great time. When we got into the park half an hour early, the lines were all secretly open. The lines were all outdoors and spaced out, so we were able to take turns sitting on some of them. The weather was pretty nice. We were able to go on everything we had planned including the new Snow White (lame), Rise of the Resistance (still stressful to get a boarding pass, but finally Maggie got to go on the whole thing), and Arthur’s first time in Indiana Jones (obsessed) and Splash Mountain. We also got to enter the Haunted Mansion through the service entrance, which was fun, and also cut off most of the line.

The only downsides was the food options were very limited, including being entirely out of churros, and they closed some of the lines at 45 minutes, so it took us several tries to get on Splash Mountain.

: Dalton and Sienna’s sort of yearly well visits at 8.5 and 11.5 Dalton was 70 pounds, 58 inches. Sienna was 51 pounds, 52 inches.

Paint Party/Yoda Armor: Last night I dreamt I was at an enormous birthday party for a friend. I felt pretty specia that I was in the “friend” seating, where she threw paint all over us. Then we were supposed to dance at the party, including in a bounce house. But the area I was in got lame fast so I left to try to find some other friends. I was eating a Rice Krispie treat that had blue sprinkles and white frosting and ran into a ward member. I asked if she made it, and then someone handed her a metal storage box and it turned out to hold doll sized armor (except obviously it was for baby yoda, not a doll) and we realized we needed to get it off the planet. That is all.


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