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Homesick Already: Last night, Arthur was asleep on the floor at the foot of our bed and he sat up and started crying for Maggie. When I patted his back, he spurred “n go back home” and then lay down and went back to sleep. He denies this, and John didn’t hear it, but it’s true; I saw the whole thing.

Back to School: The first few days of high school have gone well. Maggie said the first day was “better than expected.” They’ve been biking alone, handling assignments, being responsible.

Dalton crashed his bike on the way to school on th first day, but otherwise had a good day.

Sienna’s brand new backpack zipper got stuck and she couldn’t get her lunch box out. Luckily, all California students get free lunch this year!

Arthur walked into kindergarten like no big deal. He is perfectly happy to be back in school, and I am very glad it’s 3 1/2 hours this year. In fact, other than the kids have to wear masks indoors, there aren’t many changes from a regular school year.

Iceland: Tuesday: We arrived early at the hotel and had breakfast and took a 3 hour nap. Ate a world famous Hot dog from the stand right outside our hotel room window. Walked to chocolate factory. Iceland fly over - this was basically Soarin’ Around the World, but longer and more tipsy. It was pouring rain when we came out, and we narrowly avoided getting wildly splashed by passing cars.
In the evening we did a food tour. We were the youngest people. It was great to try lots of traditional Icelandic food and get a good introduction on our first night.

Wednesday: went on a tour to the Active volcano - Fagradalsfjall. We did not see lava spewing out, which was disappointing but it was still a great excursion. Lava fields were so cool. Fresh, smooth-ish black lava, still steaming. Fog drifted in an out, so we got some cool views, even being up in the clouds. People we met invited us to drinks after. It was fun to make friends.

Thursday inside the volcano tour of Thrihnukagigur. We descended 400 feet into the Extinct volcano bd got to climb around inside for half an hour. It poured rain for 20 minutes shortly after we got back out. But the best part was the 2 mile walk (each way) to the volcano, across 4000 year old lava fields covered in moss. It was like trolls from Frozen. We also got to climb down into some lava tubes. Friday: Blue Lagoon. We did a short hike at the Blue Lagoon, which confused people. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere (being literally a pile off waste water from a nearby geothermal energy plant, that was dumped into a lava field). We tried three face masks and explored the entire lagoon. Then we had lunch in the restaurant - John had celeriac, and I had steak and potatoes that might have been one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

Saturday: Landmannalauger hike in the colored hills. This place had so many different terrains. The hike itself was about what John and I would do on a typical weekend, but as a group, we went much slower. This time, John and I were by far the oldest people in our group. At the end of the hike, we got to swim in the hot spring, which was so cool. The perfect way to end a long hike.

President Chadwick: Sienna saw a thank you card for John, from the CalCPA admin and said “President? Dad isn’t president!” And then “Chapter?!?


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