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[No comments] Arthur is 6: Arthur’s 6th birthday! We got him a little lefthanders baseball glove and ball, and a volcano science kit. He also got Mario stickers and a dinosaur nightlight from his aunties. Dalton and I secretly put together one of our old Ninjago Lego sets for him, and he spent almost the whole day playing with it. He doesn’t play much - just wants to do screens - so that was really great. I also took him and Sienna to wetzels pretzels and Yogurtland. Then for dinner he requested beef stroganoff, and store bought lemon cake.

Arthur is a ball of silliness. He wakes up way too early and complains that he’s bored a lot, and is a terrible eater, but he also loves to read stories (non fiction animal books are his favorite), is a great snuggler, and enjoys walking to school every morning. He loves school and his friends.

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