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Maggie’s Chalk Art: I signed Maggie up to participate in Laguna Niguel stake’s Chalk Walk. They gave us a 4x8 black painted plywood, and a box of pastels and a couple weeks. Maggie did a scattering of white trees, with a big, rainbow colored star on top of the center one. I thought it was lovely. Last night we went down and drove through the parking lot to look at the chalk drawings. Some of them were incredible. We are already looking forward to next year.

No Snoopy For You: Tonight we tried to go see the Christmas Snoopy on Ice show at Knott’s. It was SO crowded. People were lined for for the NEXT showing, three hours away. No thanks. We got in the shortest line we saw, which was for boysenberry soft serve. Then we left and got Stonefire for dinner instead. Oh well. There’s always next year.


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