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Baseball: Arthur started an adorable baseball class today with a few friends. It’s called sandlot, and they just learn skills and scrimmage rather than play on a league. The coach was so fun, the kids all got to pick a nickname (“Shark”), learned moved to cheer on the other players after each maneuver, danced, ran, and cheered. It was so adorable and uplifting. And it wore him out. They also handed out baseball cards every time the kids were good at cheering, or doing the “salutes” or being good listeners, and at the end, Arthur got an award for bravery for playing with one arm.

Double Disney: For Arthur’s birthday, we finally took him to go on Indiana Jones at Disneyland, Which he’s been asking to do since he first went on it six months ago. John, Arthur and I bought day tickets, and we went and rode it twice, and then went on a bunch of other stuff. We also hung out with my cousins Jill, Brynn, and Deirdre. John and I brought Arthur home and worked for a couple hours, then went back for dinner, date night, and more cousin fun. It was a long day, but tons of fun. We made the most of it.

Popsicle Party: For his birthday, Arthur requested popsicles instead of cake. So even though it was quite cold today, we met lots of kinder friends at the park right after school and handed out popsicles. Unfortunately, Arthur couldn’t play with his friends because of his cast, but he still had fun. One friend brought him a balloon, which flew away, but he carried the Pet String around for hours afterward.


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