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Joshua Tree: This weekend we went on a long-awaited adventure to Joshua Tree National Park. We went for stargazing last May, and the kids immediately asked to go back. We went with our friends, and planned a couple short hikes, then a picnic dinner bd star gazing, but we only ended up doing one of the hikes. The kids just wanted to climb on every surface available. Which was awesome. So much climbing, and jumping, and scrambling. After the actual hike, we went to the same spot we went to last time. The kids did lots more rock climbing, went off exploring on their own. The dad’s supervised and the moms set up picnic dinner in a parking lot spot between our vans. Then we had treats and cookies and card games while waiting for the sky to get dark. We bundled up in winter cots and beanies and sleeping bags and watched the stars explode all over the sky. It was fantastic. We headed home about 8pm after a long and busy day. All in all, a day we’ll spent. Wally came with us and also had a blast running round, and snugging Maggie during star gazing.

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