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Spiritual Experiences: A few weeks ago, I donated blood successfully for the first time. I lay there the whole time without my phone pondering my mortality (and that of my friend’s niece who recently had a blood transfusion, which is what inspired me). It’s been a long time since I had such a spiritual experience.

That same week I read The Book of Longings, which was fabulous. By the time I got it from the library I had seen it recommended from five or six different sources. Toward the end of the book, the main character (Jesus’ wife, whose main longing is to have a voice in this world) writes a hymn to Sophia, the Greek incarnation of the feminine divine. I was spellbound by the bits of poetry she sings. And then I read the author’s note and learned they were from an actual poem found buried, presumably written by a woman. So I looked up the poem and read the entire thing. Thunder, Perfect Mind. The resonating of the poem in my heart was shocking. It describes opposites in everything and So Much Power. The novel, and that poem, have imprinted on me.


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