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Paddle On: Leonard and Rachel surprised me with paddle board for my birthday. Arthur and o tried it out for the first time today. We went to Newport Dunes. He climbed on the whale and played on the playground while I inflated it, and he happily sat on the nose with his life jacket while we explored around the lagoon. We didn’t go far, but we had a good time paddling around. It’s very comfortable to sit on cross-legged - more so than a kayak - though I don’t have the right kind of paddle for sitting. It was lots of fun. Can’t wait to take it out more.

Yesterday I took Sienna and Arthur to Downtown Disney to do a pumpkin scavenger hunt and get some treats. Sienna loved the scavenger hunt, but Arthur got bored and grumpy after an hour there. He was way more fun and cheerful at the beach today.


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