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Last First: Arthur lost his first tooth last night. He quietly came into my room around midnight to show me. It fell out two days after we noticed the shark tooth, and less than a week after we noticed it was loose, with no drama whatsoever.

Pop the Science: Dalton participated individually in the science fair, answering the question “how do different heat sources affect the percentage of popcorn jet as that pop?” He did all the experimenting before Christmas, then spent the week after making a google site, video presentation, and google slides about his process and results. He learned a lot about presenting, and it was a lot of work. We are proud of how hard he worked, and he is wrest looking forward to next year.

Beach by Day, Pool by Night: This afternoon the kids and I met my cousin Michelle and her family at our sea glass beach. There was lots to see in the tide pools, and the weather was lovely. Michelle shared her knowledge of the moon cycles and i shared my knowledge of the tide cycles, and i think that about sums us up.

After dinner, we met the Adams at the hot tub. The kids of course swam, but the adults stuck to the hot tub. I love night swims. California Living.

Disney with Friends: Maggie had a five day weekend, and spent Friday at DCA with the Langstons. Then we all spent Saturday together at Disneyland. We had a fantastic time. It was so nice to just wait in line for Rise and not deal with virtual queue. We had lots of treats, including cookie butter beignets and blue milk.


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